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Your one stop-shop for all your electrical needs.

At Electric Group, we offer the best for Australia’s commercial and domestic electrical contracts. Electric Group, your one-stop shop for all your electrical assistance needs, we are responsible for finding solutions to all electrical concerns and problems.

We are proud of ourselves on our ability to get the job done right the first time, making our Australia electric service a one-stop-shop because you don’t need us a second time for the same job! We are not interested in returning customers when the reason for their return is unfinished work. Instead, our goal is to fix everything and leave it without a problem for years to come.

Our experienced electricians have seen all the electrical problems and are always there to answer the call!

We are not afraid of decades-old cables if they cause problems or new technologies: our service electricians dominate everything! With everything from switches, fuses, lighting, design, maintenance, and more, Electric Group is just as prepared and eager to take a look at the newest and oldest wiring harnesses and provides an easy estimate in the portfolio.

Why our Toronto electric service works for you:

Being a significant source of electrical professionals for the supply of electricity in Australia, Electric Group has offered its services and expertise for over 40 years.
Our professionalism and experience, as well as our reliability in carrying out the work, make us the most obvious choice.

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