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Level 2 Service

Construction and modification of the energy authorities’ service network


It will enable the construction of service lines between the distribution system and the connection point to the premises and the installation and activation of the metering services. Level 2 service providers can be accredited for the following job categories:

Upgrades from one phase to three phases

Temporary supply for builders

Supply and install wooden or steel pillars

New overhead services

Upgrade overhead services

New underground services

Connections over 100 amps

Upgrade underground services

Remove aerial and underground services and Metering

Disconnections and reconnections

Temporary generator supply

Supply, install or organize Tiger Tails

Small special services: new and Changeovers Small special services: new and Changeovers

Substation Termination

Under the A grade Level 2 ASP (Accredited Service Provider), Electric Group can take care of network services from the street to your property. We specialize in homes and
  • New electricity connections
  • Power poles & brackets
  • Emergency power repairs
  • Electricity metering
  • Electricity disconnection
  • Temporary builders service