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At Electric Group, we are pleased to offer commercial, industrial, and residential electrical services across Australia.  

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Guide Your Project

Whether your needs are the concept of the plans or the details of the electrical needs of your project, at Electric Group, we will guide you in all points of your project, from the choice of the necessary material to the working methods required to carry out all the necessary work.

We are competitive with prices, and we always have your interest first. Electric Group can take care of all your electrical infstructure level 1 and 2 needs, as well as all other work related to electricity inside the building.

Electric Group offers complementary services that can meet your needs in any specialized electrical installation in a building to guide you in the success of your projects beyond the construction phase.

Reasons why you should choose Electric Group

As for the electric companies in Australia, they are not all created in the same way. Here are some of the various reasons why you should choose Electric Group for all your electricity needs:

Projects of all capacity are welcome

We have carried out many projects from small to large, for a variety of clients.

Serve with pride for many years

More than 20 years of experience serving a quality workforce!

Knowledge to accomplish any task

Whether in the air or digging underground, we have done everything!

Equipment suited to all tasks

We have the largest fleet of trucks and endless bucket trucks to get the job done.

Guaranteed security and satisfaction

We have a proven balance in our field. Can the competition say the same?

Minimal daily routine disruption

We appreciate your time and are committed to getting the job done on time and within budget.

Property management companies, utilities, general contractors, engineering companies, and government agencies, as well as every area in Sydney and nearby environ, have benefited from the skills and experience of Electric Group.

See some of our previous work to see our full range of electrical services. Our areas of electrical expertise include:

  • Level 1 electrical
  • Level 2 electrical
  • Public lighting
  • Exterior lighting
  • Commercial installation
  • Protection against lightning
  • Additional services

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