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Level 1 Service

Construction and modification of the distribution network of the energy authorities.

It allows aerial and underground construction work in the distribution networks adjacent to the highway. Level 1 service providers can be accredited for the following job categories:

Electrical infrastructure works

High voltage wiring and jointing

Overhead line work

Installation of pillars, public lighting, etc

New Padmount substations and pole substations - Transformers

Substation upgrades

Temporary power: supply and installation of generators, if necessary

High voltage works up to 132KV

Relocation of Asset

Trenches and excavations


Design and Construct packages available

Under the A grade Level 1 ASP (Accredited Service Provider), Electric Group is specialized in the supply of electricity from the energy authority network to your property.
  • Pole, Chamber and pad mount substation installation
  • Excavation, conduit & cable installations
  • Underground and overhead subdivision reticulation
  • Indoor & surface chamber type substations
  • Additional load connections
  • Substation upgrades
  • Street lighting
  • High voltage works
  • LV & HV asset relocation
  • Installation of earth grids