Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational Health & SafetyOverview
Each year, many accidents at work involving electric shock or burns are reported in Australia. A large proportion of these are fatal. It is essential to carry out a Risk Assessment in order to identify what needs to be done. This is a legal requirement for all risks at work.

The rules relating to enrolment include a new criterion which requires that all Approved Contractors/Service Providers, regardless of the number of employees, have a written occupational, health and safety policy statement and carry out risk assessments.

Regulations require employers and the self-employed to assess the risks to which their employees, themselves and others may be exposed as a result of the way they carry out their work.

OH&S Legislation and Standards
Electric Group has identified the OH&S Regulations, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards relevant to its business works and has systems in place to ensure that it meets all of its obligations.

It has also developed an effective means of document control that includes the OH&S Regulations, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards relevant to its business activities and ensuring that it receives and distributes regular updates and amendments.

Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) also incorporating Method of Procedures (MOP)
In support of the OH&S regulations, Electric Group operates via a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) system, which is a list of job procedures, and other work related practices.

The SWMS details how the Scope of Work will be carried out by the Technician/s involved.
For each of the work activities and associated job steps identified in the Safe Work Method Statement, Electric Group will identify potential hazards. These hazards will be controlled by utilising a Risk Assessment (RA) document in conjunction with a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)

Risk Assessment (RA)
Risk Assessment (RA) is the process of identifying potential hazards, assessing their risk and recording how to eliminate, or minimize, the risk to worker safety (controls). Where potential hazards are identified as High, Substantial & Moderate risks a Risk Assessment will be completed using a step by step guide.

The RA form provides a record to demonstrate compliance to OHS Legislation. The person responsible for implementing a particular action to eliminate or minimise the risk of the potential hazard on site, is nominated on the RA. This will ensure responsibility for risk control is allocated and can be followed up.

Prior to commencement of work, the Risk Assessment submitted must be reviewed by all Electric Group employees and the client’s representative. Where job steps may have altered from those planned the RA will be updated to reflect the way the job will actually be done on the specific site, the work environment for the specific site and how safety will be controlled.