About us

Electric Group is a Sydney based company and as a respected Electrical Contractor / Level 2 Service Provider, Electric Group has continually developed over years to provide competitive prices and can provide all types of electrical services and Level 2 Service Provider work including:

  • ALL ELECTRICAL WORKElectric Group Pty Ltd

Our Vision
To be Sydney’s most professional and respected Electrical Contractor / Level 2 Service Provider.
We know you require an Electrical Contractor/ Level 2 Service Provider who can take responsibility for your electrical, data needs and see the job through to a satisfactory completion.

We, in turn, seek out clients with whom we can form a long-term relationship.
We understand that our clients appreciate the focus on preventative & proactive maintenance and the resulting peace of mind that comes from working with us.

Our Mission
To be an Electrical Contractor/ Level 2 Service Provider that is responsive to your needs, to be prepared to take on a job whenever you call 24/7. To offer the highest quality service, to ensure we always meet your budget and to always meet your deadlines.

Our Word is Our Promise
And… we will make you these promises:

  • Indelibly stamped within our organization’s culture are the principles of professionalism, safety, responsiveness, integrity, consistency, value for money and job satisfaction.
  • We are professional at all times. Our vehicles and uniforms are clean ensuring we present a professional image. We respect our clients by being well mannered and courteous.
  • Safety is paramount. We always consider the safety of ourselves and others before proceeding with the job.
  • In accordance with the Australian Standards, Electric Group has implemented a Quality Assurance Program and operates under Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Guidelines, our Staff undertake extensive ongoing training to keep up with changes in methodology and technology.
  • All work carried out by our company is covered by public liability & workers compensation
  • Finding solutions to our client’s problems is our job. We are responsive immediately.
  • We are consistent in everything we do, always meeting our client’s needs
  • We provide a value for money service. We are always focused upon working more efficiently.
  • Our team of Technicians are passionate about their work, share similar values and attain a high level of job satisfaction. These attributes play an important role in the day-to-day contact with our clients.

Our Team
The staff at Electric Group are fully qualified, highly skilled and are experienced technicians trained in their respective fields of expertise. The team at Electric Group are a fast, efficient and reliable service to keep your business free of disruptions and breakdowns to vital electrical/data systems.